Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dawning of a New Era

Sounds like an awesome title for the first day of school.  I mean it IS the first time I am able to go back to school full-time since I was in high school!

Before today I was taking one or two classes at a time and barely making it.  I always had other emergencies that seemed to take over my whole life at the same moment of a test, huge paper or right at the end of my classes.  Here's to slowing down a bit, and learning how to handle both life and school.

I am currently signed up for 5 classes.  I obviously didn't think ahead and wonder if I SHOULD be doing 5 classes.  I think it's a little overboard since I have only been taking 2 for a long time, but I thought "I can do anything", "I can be the best", and “I am awesome!"  If anyone knows me or if I actually pay attention to myself, you and I both know I look at things half full and think I can do it all.

Then here comes the failure part.  I start out great, but realize I committed too much, didn't start small enough or just feel ill-prepared and fail.  I don't like failing EVER, so I am unsure as to why I set myself up to fail so much.  Maybe the excitement and adrenaline drowns out the thought of failure.  Maybe my competitive side roars and ignores all the signs of failure until they happen.  I am not sure, but I better figure it out before I waste my money on five classes and somewhere down the line I withdraw and end up heartbroken and minus tuition.

Anyone else set themselves up for failure?  Anyone who succeeds at everything and wants to give tips?  Anyone in between and know how to handle both?


  1. I like your picture.
    I can say from knowing you that you have very high self confidence and are very competitive with both others and your previous standards, so you are always trying to do one better than your last attempt or what others do. That is necessarily bad, and is way better than being complacent with everything, but yes it can set you up for failure. I think just seeing you write this is an improvement, you can see right at this moment that 5 classes is probably too much, and now you aren't waiting until you actually are on the brink of failure before you do something to try to correct it. I think you need to do what is best for your education and health combined. Comprimise with yourself. If there is one or two classes that you have to put off, but doing so will allow you to fully learn the remaining ones, I think that is better than completely burning yourself out just because you will have to take the others eventually. I also think some of the ones you mentioned might be a better learning environment if done in a classroom.

    As far as setting up for failure, that is me 100%. I get overwhelmed by what I think I have to do so I give up on everything. You are helping me to not do that, and I thank you for that, and wish I could give some advice other than what you already give me, which is pace yourself and give your brain/body times to recover throughout the day.

  2. HAHA you aren't anonymous!

    Actually in all reality I am glad I know who is commenting, it really puts your words into context. They made me sit back for a second and realize I was already overdoing it. Thank you for making me look at myself and my situation and realize: 1) I don't have to do everything and 2) It is better to go a little slower if it means better health, wealth, happiness and grades! Thank you.