Thursday, August 23, 2012

Totally Not Focusing Today

Why is it so hard to focus today!!?

No matter what I try I am just unable to focus on my favorite classes-Business.  I am starting to love all the laws and definitions that are coming up in my business classes, but I still can't focus.  I could chat all day about why the heck isn't Russia doing anything to promote more entrepreneurs since the 90's when they became a democratic nation or why isn't India promoting more entrepreneurs with a nation that has millions of potential clients?  But I can't focus on the note taking part today.

Maybe I had too much drama and my brain just needs to let it out, or maybe I scheduled myself too thin with too many problems.  I guess that is why I started this blog.  To let it all out, to live and not be held back by anyone's idea on who and how I should be, to understand who I am and and to live MY life.  Even if it means walking away from note taking for a moment to do something just for me.  I chose Phone-a-friend ("Who Wants to be a Millionaire", anyone? anyone?).  Maybe some good old venting will help ease my over-scheduled mind.

Anyone else ever over schedule themselves?  How about the procrastinators out there?  Anyone just put off doing what they don't want to do no matter what? Anyone under schedule?

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