Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why does my mom still act like I am some 17 year old that needs to be doing what she wants me to do?

Seriously I am, let's say 30 something, but I look younger.  A lot of people have mistaken me for college age or younger.  It doesn't help that I am in college (for like ever) and have the genes to make me look younger than the average person my age and I have braces, but I digress.

Looking younger does not explain the fact that I have a mother who doesn't talk to me for months (a whole huge can of worms/posts/therapy sessions there) and then decides to focus on one topic in our conversation and call me every week.  This time the focus was on me moving to the state she is presiding in (literately the state she lives in not figuratively like she is crazy).  I mentioned I applied for some job in her area around this summer seeing if there was any bite since I quit my last job.  Boy what a whirlwind that started.

I had talked to her on Saturday and today I get a call at 7:00am in the morning asking me to interview 800+ miles away.  This was a call from a person her roommate works with and needs to fill a position immediately.  Um, some warning would have been nice!  Thank goodness I didn't answer the unknown number because at 7:00 in the morning you do NOT want to speak with me.  I would have probably said sure or WTF or god only knows, because I am not a morning person.  Trust me.

I had also told her I had given up the search for a full-time job and any jobs in other states, because school was upon me.  I had to give up all my fantasies of finding an awesome job with perfect benefits that loved me and adore everything about me (Not really what I was looking for, but hey it's MY fantasy).  I had to sign up for classes and move on.  She obviously missed the point so now not only do I have to call her, I have to call the nice interview lady and say no, deal with the first week of classes, which by the way are never easy (like her have a syllabus and eat cookies, yes another fantasy), plus my appointments, meetings and everything else I started planning once I settled on staying put and moving on.  I know I should be grateful my mother would set up an interview, but when she doesn't call me for months and then adds more stress to my life, it doesn't make me happy.

Does anyone else have the same problem?  Any words of advice?

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  1. She really does focus on what she wants to hear. As for why she doesnt call for months at a time I dont know, she can always talk about SOMETHING so it isnt like she is not calling because she doesnt have anything to say...